Awarding ceremony of journalists

Awarding ceremony of journalists for works dedicated to issues of HIV and discrimination took place on 17th of September in book-store cafe “Art Bridge”. In the result of competition three works out of 8 had been selected as best by an independent jury. Following works were nominated for the award:
3rd place was awarded to Arman Gharibyan, an independent journalist for the article about HIV infected MSM (men who have sex with man). The article in Armenian is available here: http://hraparak.am/…
2nd place was awarded to Nelly Babayan from “Aravot” newspaper for the article about HIV positive woman facing extreme oppression and discrimination from husband’s family. The article in Armenian can be reached here: http://www.aravot.am/2015/06/06/578825/.
The jury recognises the work of Amalia Gabrielyan “HIV is not a death sentence” as the best and awarded her the first place (http://med.news.am/…/vichne-prigovorrasskaziyvaet-vich-polo…).
Authors of best three works got cash prizes.

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